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  • "Wow! Wow wow wow!!!! This theme is 10x better than ANYTHING I have ever used before. Cross-browser compatibility, compatibility with other plugins, and just an absolutely mind-blowing attention to detail in the CSS, layouts, JS, etc. Duotive 5ive alone should be the roadmap that shows everyone else just how far WordPress can go. It's THAT good."

     — Tim Ventura

  • "I was the first person who posted a comment about this theme on Theme Forest, and thought I would post here as well! Just wanted to let you know, as a web business owner - this theme Duotive Fortune is truly one of the best on the market today, and maybe even one of the best on Theme Forest..."

     — Owner

  • "The Best costumer support ever!

    GET IT! You guys have great themes and awesome support. I wish you all the best and hope you make a lot of sales!"

     — Yair

  • "These people rock!
    Love the theme, it is so great and so flexible. Have been using it for my learning log as a student for my studies and am getting great feedback from both fellow students and tutors. All of the options and templates included with this theme allow such variety that no site will look the same."

     — Vickim

  • "I have loved working with the theme, and my client loves the results. The support has been fantastic even through some of my more panicked requests. Thanks a lot!

     — Ian

  • "Amazing Template and Great Support

    Thank you so much for your assistance. I used this with a recent client and everyone is raving over the look of the site. I wanted to give a rating on Themeforest but somehow I can't figure out how - 5 stars though!!"

     — Shannon

  • "Awesome template and top notch customer service...

    I've been using Duotive Three for quite some time now and I'm a very happy customer. A++ support response time. A very critical and important post-sale service for me. The creator/support team does seem to work like 24hrs a day. Very helpful indeed!"  — Jinghorton

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